Questions and Answers

  • Why New York Awards?
    To Recognize & Award New Yorkers & Local Businesses that operate in the state of New York for their achievements.2) To provide a stage where New Yorkers & Local Businesses can be viewed for their unique Talents, Abilities, Services, Styles and Cuisines.
  • When does the New York Awards ceremony take place?
    Normally at the end of the year.
  • What do Honorees receive?
    *The distinction of being recognized as a New York Awards Recipient.
    *New York Award
    *Other gifts and certificates presented at Reception / Ceremony
  • How are People or businesses nominated?
    By anyone who wants to nominate a New York Business or New Yorker (born in the state of New York) that are doing BIG THINGS!.
  • How are Honorees chosen?
    By members of the New York Awards team tally total number of nominations for selected Local Businesses and/or New Yorkers.

  • Can I nominate a New York Business or New Yorker?
    Yes, of course. Email us and tell us about the person or business you would like to nominate and why?
  • What should I do if selected for a New York Awards?
    *First and foremost confirm your acceptance of the Award in order for you to be
    acknowledged as a recipient of the New York Awards.
    *Any additional instructions is included in the letter or email you received.
  • Where is your PAYPAL Link, if I would like to donate?
    Click here > PAYPAL .
  • Who created the “New York Awards”?
    It was created by Mechaele Wright-Hodges who then teamed up with a group of diverse individuals from various parts of New York, (Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Harlem and New York City that have come together to Honor the best of New York annually.