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Terms of participation

  • Nominated professionals, people & businesses are eligible to be nominated and/or win the New York Awards providing all of the following criteria are met.

The nominated Person/Professional must::

  • Be a person born or business locatation in New York State
  • Have not won in previous years.
  • Respond within time frame that Business, He or she accepts the Award.
  • Attend ceremony or authorized representative.

The nominated businesses MUST:

  • Have a storefront in the USA
  • Have a registered legally formed business.
  • Have been operating for at least 12 months prior to nomination

The nominated businesses MUST NOT:

  • Have employees that have judged or judging the New York Awards program
  • Be a contracted commercial supplier to the New York Awards.
  • Have won a New York Awards before ever.


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  • NYA can be accessed by the public online.
  • NYA subscribers, winners and nominees do not have any voting rights within NYA our company, organization, corporation or LLC.
  • NYA may not be duplicated.
  • No Refunds at any time.
  • NYA does not guarantee ALL businesses will win an award.
  • Recipients / Winners of NYA who refuse acceptance of the NYA will not be nominated or win a NYA in the life of the named business & owner.
  • Businesses that accept the NYA  gives us the right & permission to use your business logo(s) & pictures anywhere in the world with NYA advertisements
  • Businesses agree to allow us to take photos, video footage of owner, business &/or employees to be used in relation to advertising materials.
  • Recipients of the NYA agree the we may use the materials for future promotional and marketing purposes without further notice, reference or compensation to them.
  • We may duplicate, alter, adapt and utilize the materials at any time, anywhere and by any means.
  • We may license, authorize or otherwise transfer the rights in the materials to others to do the same.
  • Recipients / Winners acknowledge that by accepting the NYA you grant us on creation of the materials a world wide royalty-free, perpetual, exclusive and irrevocable license to use the materials for whatever purpose. can be accessed by the public online.
  • VOTERS can vote for a New Yorker that he or she feels has exceeded expectations and has given back to others.
  • VOTERS must be former or current clients / customers of Businesses being nominated.


We do not sell, transfer or give personal or business information collected about nominated or winning Recipients.